DM-700NF(A,B) is two-component poly-urethane base adhesive, flame retardancy is excellent, which is the good workability and bonding strength, heat resistance for the PVC DECO film to MDF materials.

* Main component : Urethane resin
* Color : Milk white viscous liquid
* Solid contents : 19 ~ 21 %
* Viscosity : 350 ~ 450

* Membrane bonding for profiles of chipboard, MDF, solid wood, plywood on PVC film.

* Adhesion for PVC sheet, hard board, etc.

* DM-700NF(A) [Resin]: 14kg Tin CAN
* DM-700(B) [Hardener]: 835g PE

* We'd highly recommend checking MSDS & TDS of this product for your further information.
* Except for the defined purposes, the different methods of use which are beyond our influence and control, we natually cannot accept any responsibility for the results of your work.
스트레치 필름 포장용 OPP 테이프 PM-04 DH-2000(고)NEW
DH-2000(NH)NEW D-410 D-226 D-250L
D-250M D-261NF DU-48 DM-700NF(A,B)
DW-42NF (A,B) HD-T(N) DM-700NF(A,B) DW-450
D-5510SP D-5330SP D-5750 D-9800HD(G)
D-5900SP G-5250 D-5600 D-5500
D-261N IGS 420 IGS 410 SR 501
BIO 500 SR 302 DM-700H(A,B) D-2500
아티스트03 아티스트 05 NO 2-4 DM-700(A,B)
DW-35(A.B) D-3580(A,B) DF-750 DH-폼
MSR 1000 DF-570 SR 305 DF-550
락카 스프레이 D-1000B DH-7700 DH-77
DH-507(돼지표크리너) DH-505(슈퍼코트) DHT-350(A/B) DHT-300H(A/B)
HM1004 HM779.6 PGM402 DE-101
DE-S D 1100 AD 119 AD 4000
SR 3300 SR 400 SR 900 SR 919
SR 708 SR 700 SR 333 SR 303
SR 500S DH-2000NEW D-227(친환경) D-227
D-225HS D-225 D-430 D-420
D-400H D-400P D-425 D-403
D-502 D-510 D-3371 D-3361
D-2000P D-2000IP D-2060 D-2050
D-2040 D-2020 DM-60(A/B) HD-T(L)
HD-T DU-50(A/B) DW-43(A/B) DW-90(A/B)
DW-40HS(A,B) DW-40(A/B) 1603HFR-HS D-9800HD
D-7100SP D-5155 D-5400SP D-5200SP
D-5100SP D-5800 D-5251 D-5250