Packing OPP Tape is a Rubber type. Packing OPP Tape is a thickness of thick, excellent adhesion and tensile strength can be used when packaging or needs a strong cohesive heavy product. Winter season indicates excellent quality in low temperature enviroment.

* OPP TAPE(Clear)

* OPP TAPE(Ivory)

* Corrugated board, Plastic box packing 

* Packing for moving

* General-household, Industrial, stationary

* 50 Roll / 1 BOX (By color 35m, 40m, 45m, 50m)

* Before using this product, please read the MSDS, TDS.
* Our information and recommendations do not constitute a warranty or representation for which we assume legal responsibility.  They are offered solely for your consideration, investigation and verification.

스트레치 필름 포장용 OPP 테이프 PM-04 DH-2000(고)NEW
DH-2000(NH)NEW D-410 D-226 D-250L
D-250M D-261NF DU-48 DM-700NF(A,B)
DW-42NF (A,B) HD-T(N) DM-700NF(A,B) DW-450
D-5510SP D-5330SP D-5750 D-9800HD(G)
D-5900SP G-5250 D-5600 D-5500
D-261N IGS 420 IGS 410 SR 501
BIO 500 SR 302 DM-700H(A,B) D-2500
아티스트03 아티스트 05 NO 2-4 DM-700(A,B)
DW-35(A.B) D-3580(A,B) DF-750 DH-폼
MSR 1000 DF-570 SR 305 DF-550
락카 스프레이 D-1000B DH-7700 DH-77
DH-507(돼지표크리너) DH-505(슈퍼코트) DHT-350(A/B) DHT-300H(A/B)
HM1004 HM779.6 PGM402 DE-101
DE-S D 1100 AD 119 AD 4000
SR 3300 SR 400 SR 900 SR 919
SR 708 SR 700 SR 333 SR 303
SR 500S DH-2000NEW D-227(친환경) D-227
D-225HS D-225 D-430 D-420
D-400H D-400P D-425 D-403
D-502 D-510 D-3371 D-3361
D-2000P D-2000IP D-2060 D-2050
D-2040 D-2020 DM-60(A/B) HD-T(L)
HD-T DU-50(A/B) DW-43(A/B) DW-90(A/B)
DW-40HS(A,B) DW-40(A/B) 1603HFR-HS D-9800HD
D-7100SP D-5155 D-5400SP D-5200SP
D-5100SP D-5800 D-5251 D-5250